Foot Cramps: Podiatrist's Nutrition Tips to Avoid Cramps

Nutrition plays the key role in all our bodily processes. The lack or excess of it contributes to the problem.  In toe, foot or leg cramps the culprit is the lack of calcium, potassium and sodium in your body. Ninety-nine percent of calcium can be located in bones and teeth.  A smaller portion of calcium can be found in the blood, which helps in muscle contraction.  Low levels of potassium and sodium accompanied by excessive dehydration stimulates muscle cramps.

Dietary sources of calcium include:

For more ideas, check out the list on Greatist. Calcium rich foods

Sources of potassium include:

For more idead, check out the list on this blog. Potassium rich foods

If you're experiencing cramps in your toes and feet regularly, it's high time you make an appointment to see a podiatrist.  Visit our podiatrist office in Southfield MI today!

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