Podiatrist is Keeping Feet Healthy for Holiday Shoppers

More often than not, people don't think about their feet until they're experiencing foot pain of major discomfot.  When we get a cramp, chronic foot pain, heel pain, numbness, blisters or itchy feet-  first thing on our mind is that it need to get taken care of, and that we need to schedule a visit to a podiatrist. But what about prevention?  Some simple steps you can take this holiday season will save your feet from the foot pain common to those shoppers spending a huge amount of time on their feet during the holidays.

Wear Great Walking Shoes

Low heels, correctly fitted toeboxs, and proper insoles are your best bet for comfortable feet.  Your foot health doesn't depend on big name, expensive brands either-  while we recommend that you select a shoe that's made to last and is properly fitted, you can always order a custom shoe orthotic to properly align your foot and reduce the stress on your joints that comes with ill-fitting shoes.

Also- if you haven't been professionally sized for shoes within the past few years, we highly recommend that the next time you're in to see one of our podiatrists in Southfield, that you ask to be sized.  You'd be surprised how many people have been buying and wearing the wrong size shoes for years.

Wear Wicking Socks First-  can we all agree that wearing shoes without socks is a recipe for destroyed shoes?  Without socks protecting the interior of your shoes, you're essentially coating the interior of your shoe with sweat and dead skin cells.  This leads to smelly shoes, and more importantly, can lead to irritated feet when you wear them.  Get a nice pair of socks that wick away moisture and wear them to prevent painful rubbing of your skin against your shoe and to keep your shoes & feet from developing foul scents.

Practice Makes Perfect If the only time you're on your feet for more than a few minutes is when you're shopping, you're going to have a rough time.  You can greatly minimize foot pain and problems by staying fit and active through daily walking & exercise.  If you're able to walk 3 times a week for 30 minutes or more, you'll reap the benefits of increased circulation to your feet & limbs, decreased weight, and an overall increase in your health and wellness.  Diabetic?  Make sure that you check your feet before and after walking to see if you have signs of diabetic ulcers or neuropathy. 

When in doubt, see your friendly podiatrist in Southfield this holiday season and beyond!

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