Should you have bunion surgery? We have answers!

Bunions are a painful, unsightly condition for countless individuals in Michian.  Due to an inherited faulty mechanic of the foot, painful bunions form on feet over time.  Bunions are progressively debilitating- they always get worse, and no amount of over-the-counter pads and splints will reverse what is ultimately a foot deformity.

If you're suffering from bunions, here's the scoop:  bunion surgery helps, and the old days of prolonged downtime and pain are over.

The bunionectomy surgery corrects the boney formation that juts out of the side of the foot and realigns the toes to their normal position.  You're likely a candidate for bunion surgery if you answer yes to any of the following:

Horror stories abound on the internet about the high out-of-pocket cost and prolonged downtime associated with bunion surgery- however, with a podiatric surgeon specializing in bunion surgery nothing could be further from the truth.  Most bunion surgery is covered by insurance, and advances in surgical techniques have greatly reduced the amount of time individuals need to 'be off their feet'.  Every patient is different, so we urge you to come into our podiatrist office for an appointment to see if you're a candidate and learn more about the procedure.

For further information about bunion surgery, contact Dr. Leff's office to schedule an appointment.

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