Southfield Podiatrist Sees Dramatic Increase in Foot Pain Cases in Michigan

Foot pain is a frequent reason people visit a podiatrist, and over the past few years cases of foot pain have increased in Southfield MI and the surrounding areas.  Why?  Some of that discomfort may be due to neglect, but a significant portion may be due to shoe choices, particularly among women.  According to a poll commissioned by the American Podiatric Medical Association, 51% of Americans say that foot pain curtails their walking, working and/or working out.

The poll was of adults of all activity levels, not runners or other athletic types. However, runners in particular should pay attention to foot health in general, especially if they're just starting out on a running regimine. Picking the right sort of shoe is a crucial choice for everyone, from the kind of shoe worn throughout the day to the type used when running or training.  Because your feet are the foundation of your musculoskeletal system, supporting them properly is a smart step toward keeping you comfortable in daily activity and beyond.

Because it's summer, Southfield podiatrist Dr. Randy Leff advises to make smart choices when selecting sandals as well.  Flat, unsupportive flip-flops are a surefire way to create foot pain, back pain, and incur injuries.  It's also a factor in sunburns and skin cancer of the feet.  Avoid the cheap sandals and stick to high quality, supportive sandals to stay pain free this summer.

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