Sprains & Broken Bones: Athletes Need a Podiatrist

There are many ankle injuries that can occur especially in athletes. Your ankles support your entire body weight, so you can see why it might be a common injury. In fact, there are around 2 million people treated each year for ankle sprains, strains and fractures. It’s also the number one injury treated by foot and ankle specialists.

Risk Factors

Let’s have a look at what the risk factors are that can cause you to injure your ankle. This is the type of injury that anyone from the sedentary couch potato to the professional athlete can experience.

Generally the injuries are the result of something accidental. For example, you step in a pothole or uneven ground, you slip while you are hiking or getting out of the car, you miss a step, and the list goes on. Those individuals that wear heeled shoes or that are overweight are at higher risk of suffering an ankle injury.

The Ankle Injury

Generally the ankle injury will involve the sudden unforeseen, loss of your balance that causes a sharp twist to happen to your ankle. A strain happens when the muscle or tendon becomes overstretched. If you have a sprain, it’s much more serious.

An ankle sprain will occur when the connective tissue, which is very strong, becomes overstretched. This connective tissue is what connects one bone to the next bone. Sometimes there is even tearing of the ligament that takes a bone fragment with it. This is called an avulsion fracture and your podiatrist can make sure you get the treatment you need.

85% of all ankle injuries are said to be sprains and around 45% are related to sports injuries. Experts say that those that have injured their ankle are 50% more likely to have the same injury again in the future. If you have an ankle injury, it is important to see your podiatrist. If you think you have broken your ankle, then it is important to go to your nearest ER or make an appointment with a podiatrist in Southfield.

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