Sweet Treats Safe for Diabetic Feet

As a podiatrist in Southfield MI, our office sees diabetic foot podiatry patients very frequently for neuropathy and other diabetes related issues.  One of the biggest complaints we hear, often in passing, when someone comes in with diabetes: "I'm never going to be able to have sweet snacks again!"

However, often people who are too restrictive with their sweets get frustrated and go on binges, negating the positive effect of eliminating those sweets previously.  Taking a balanced approach is usually much more advantageous, though you should always check with your doctor before embarking on lifestyle changes. The psychological satisfaction from a simple snack can make the difference between healthy and horrible choices- by satisfying that urge, you’re less likely to overdo it in a BIG way later on. The real trick is to skip high-calorie options, particularly those with high fat & sugar. 

Snacks, while not necessary to control blood sugar with current oral diabetes medications, can still be helpful in many ways to diabetic patients.  Small, smart snacks can boost metabolism and decrease hunger, helping to keep binging at bay and weight under control.  

Some options we love are below:

As a diabetic foot patient, we will always remind you to make smart choices for meals and snacks, and the above list gives you a great way to indulge without damaging yourself.  Be aware that moderation is important, and that overdoing it on snacks will have you into our office exhibiting diabetic foot neuropathy, ulceration, and a variety of other ills.  Contact our office with any questions or concerns, or schedule an appointment to see us if you’re exhibiting signs of diabetic foot neuropathy.

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