What To Look For in a Podiatrist in Southfield

So, let's assume for a minute that your feet hurt.  Or maybe you have bunions, or toenail fungus. Maybe you've stopped at your primary care physician's office to discuss your concerns, and they let you know you need to see a podiatrist.  You can go with a referral from your doctor (and hopefully they refer you to a great podiatric office like ours!), or you can go straight to the internet like everyone else and do a search for "podiatrist" or "foot doctor". You'll see a bunch of choices, including our office if you're searching in or around Southfield.  How can you pick between them, and how can you judge which podiatrist is truly best for you?


1.) Ask you doctor.  Many primary care physicians know local podiatrists, especially doctors who see patients with diabetes.  You PCP works directly with podiatrists to ensure that individuals with diabetes and foot related conditions get exceptional treatment.  If you trust your PCP, ask them for a referral, and if you'd like insight on a particular podiatrist ask about them by name.


2.) Read reviews.  The internet is a strange place, allowing you to review your favorite restaurant alongside reviewing your doctor.  At our podiatrist practice, we truly care how satisfied our patients are with their care, and as such we ask them about their experience regularly.  Because of that & our commitment to the highest level of care, we stand out from the crowd in terms of the sheer volume of positive patient reviews for our practice.  See for yourself! Podiatrist in Southfield MI Reviews




3.) View their surgical results.  For instance, at our practice we're proud to show the surgical results we achieve for bunion surgery. Being able to view the results means less worry about upcoming procedures and helps you gauge how wonderful your results might be.

4.) Will they take your insurance?  Fact of the matter is insurance is tricky, and not every podiatrist takes your insurance.  Use our form on the homepage to verify if we take your insurance!

5.) Does it FEEL right?  Meaning, do you feel good about going there?  Does the staff and physician make you feel comfortable?  When you feel good about your podiatrist, you're more likely to stay current with your followup appointments, which are crucial to ensuring your health. Contact us today to get an appointment scheduled so we can show you just what a difference it makes to come to a group like ours!

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