Ingrown Toenail

Whether you’re experiencing your very first ingrown toenail or you seem to develop ingrown toenails regularly, you need to seek proper treatment. As some of Southfield, Michigan’s top podiatrists, Randy Leff, DPM, and Kevin Sorensen, DPM, of Michfoot Surgeons PC, can help you recover from painful ingrown toenail discomfort. Before your ingrown toenail worsens, schedule an exam online. You can also call the office directly to book.

Ingrown Toenail Q & A

Why do I have an ingrown toenail?

One of the top reasons ingrown toenails form is because of improper trimming. If you round out your toenail edges, cut your toenails too short, or tear your toenails, each time they grow, they dig and get buried in your skin. However, poor pedicure tactics aren’t the only reason you develop ingrown toenails. They also form due to:

  • Snug-fitting footwear
  • Toenail trauma or injury
  • Inherited curved toenail shape

Though it isn’t always known why you have an ingrown toenail, one thing’s certain: You need to get it treated. Otherwise, a serious infection could occur.

How do I know if my toenail is ingrown?

Generally, you can tell that your toenail is ingrown based off of your symptoms. An ingrown toenail can lead to:

  • Redness or inflammation near the side of your nail
  • Visible oozing pus
  • Pain and tenderness

A nail can become ingrown on one or both sides of your nail bed. If any of these issues seem familiar, you need to head to Michfoot Surgeons PC for treatment right away.

What is the treatment for an ingrown toenail?

At Michfoot Surgeons PC, Dr. Leff and Dr. Sorensen can treat you right in the office, so you can get relief from an ingrown toenail quickly. For minor ingrown toenails, you might need a simple splint placed underneath your nail to help it grow over your nail bed. The team counsels you on how to change your splint every few days to promote proper nail growth.

If your nail is infected or severely ingrown though, you could need ingrown toenail surgery. This simple in-office procedure begins by thoroughly numbing your toe. Dr. Leff or Dr. Sorensen then gently trim away the ingrown part of your nail and treat any infected tissue.

In some cases, your natural nail shape just makes you more vulnerable to developing ingrown toenails. If this is the case, Dr. Leff and Dr. Sorensen often recommend removing the entire nail and treating the nail growth center with a chemical or laser to prevent future growth. Though permanent — your nail won’t grow back — this is often the best solution for chronic ingrown toenails.

Get relief from ingrown toenail pain by booking an evaluation at Michfoot Surgeons PC today. Schedule online or over the phone. Call our Southfield, MI office at (248) 355-4000 today.

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