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Aesthetics services offered in Southfield, MI

Aesthetics aren't limited to your face and body: you also want your feet to look nice. At Michfoot Surgeons, Randy Leff, DPM, and the other leading podiatrists offer a number of treatments that improve both foot function and appearance. They also use aesthetic products like dermal fillers in innovative ways to relieve foot pain. Call the Southfield, Michigan, office or use the online booking link now.

What is aesthetics?

Aesthetics treatments improve cosmetic appearance. In the worlds of podiatry and foot surgery, aesthetics can refer to two different things: treatments that improve the appearance of your feet and treatments that use aesthetics products to relieve foot symptoms. 

How can aesthetics improve the appearance of my feet?

The team at Michfoot Surgeons improves the appearance of your feet through procedures like minimally invasive surgery. 

With procedures such as miniBunion® surgery for bunions, you’ll have an incision that’s 2-4 times smaller than traditional bunion surgery incisions. That leaves you with a single tiny scar on the side of your foot, which is virtually invisible. 

Another way that aesthetics can improve your feet is through topical treatments. The practice has Bako Clinical Therapeutic™ Solutions products for sale conveniently in the office. Many of the products offer effective solutions for foot problems while enhancing appearance. 

For example, Bako’s CLARUS® AC (Antifungal & Cosmetic) is a fungal toenail treatment that cures and prevents fungal infections while lightening nail color and enhancing its overall cosmetic appearance. 

How can aesthetics products help with foot pain?

Michfoot Surgeons offers injections of fatty tissue fillers, products that add temporary volume beneath the skin. 

Traditionally, fillers are used in the field of facial aesthetics to erase deep wrinkles, fill sagging cheeks, or plump thin lips. However, fillers can also have tremendously beneficial effects in the feet for many problems, such as: 


Calluses can be especially painful on the bottom of your feet. Fatty tissue fillers injected underneath the callus add cushioning. 

That, in turn, reduces the pressure you place on the callus when you walk and prevents the callus from worsening or recurring. 

Fat pad atrophy

The balls and heels of your feet have natural fat padding that protects your bones and prevents pain when you move. 

However, the fat pads can break down as you age or if you regularly do high-impact exercises. Fat pad atrophy can be painful and limiting, making every step hurt. Fillers can restore that cushion, relieve pain, and allow you to have a more active life. 

The team at Michfoot Surgeons puts foot function and appearance first. If you’re having foot pain or an unsightly foot problem, call the office or click on the online scheduling link to set up your consultation now.