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Bunion and Hammertoe Treatment

Bunion & Hammertoe Treatment

Bunion & Hammertoe Treatment services offered in Southfield, MI

Bunion and hammertoe treatment can eliminate pain and help you walk normally again. At Michfoot Surgeons, Randy Leff, DPM, and the other experienced podiatric surgery specialists offer the most advanced bunion and hammertoe treatments available, including minimally invasive procedures that minimize recovery time. Learn more by calling the Southfield, Michigan, office or clicking the online booking link to schedule a consultation now.

When might I need bunion and hammertoe treatment?

You might need bunion or hammertoe treatment if you experience a bunion or hammertoe that causes persistent symptoms, such as: 

  • Pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Difficulty wearing your favorite shoes
  • Difficulty walking, playing sports, or doing other normal activities

Both bunions and hammertoes usually worsen without treatment. But, the earlier you come to Michfoot Surgeons for help, the easier and faster your treatment will be. 

What does bunion and hammertoe treatment involve?

Michfoot Surgeons offers conservative care and minimally invasive surgery for bunions and hammertoes. 

Hammertoe treatment

Hammertoe treatment generally starts with conservative methods if you have a flexible (still-movable) hammertoe. You may need custom orthotics, special shoes, taping, padding, or toe-strengthening exercises.

Rigid (immovable) hammertoe usually requires minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery to realign the toe. Severe rigid hammertoe may require arthrodesis, a surgical procedure to fuse the affected joint and prevent it from bending. 

Bunion treatment 

Bunion treatment may start with solutions to ease pain and soreness, such as custom orthotics, padding, and wearing shoes with a bigger toe box. Many people with stubborn bunion pain opt for surgery. 

The miniBunion® system for mild-to-moderate bunions uses tiny incisions (2-4 times smaller than traditional surgical incisions) and involves far less trauma in the soft tissues near the bunion. 

A micro-implant secures your joint in place after bone realignment and prevents bunion return. 

The scar is virtually invisible, offering improved aesthetics over traditional surgical scars.

The miniBunion system allows for a faster return to walking and wearing your regular shoes, with a shorter recovery time overall compared with traditional bunion surgery.  

Severe bunions may require another procedure with longer incisions; however, Michfoot Surgeons always uses the least-invasive option possible.

What can I expect after bunion and hammertoe treatment?

Michfoot Surgeons prescribes a customized recovery plan after your surgery. You return to walking gradually and will typically need an assistive device like a cane or crutches for a short period. 

After surgery, you wear shoes that support your foot as it heals, but you transition into your regular shoes quickly after minimally invasive surgery. Michfoot Surgeons supports you throughout the recovery period. 

Michfoot Surgeons makes bunion and hammertoe treatment easy and accessible. Book your appointment online or call the office for help today.