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If you figure among the more than 30 million people in the United States who have diabetes, the care you provide your feet is paramount. At Michfoot Surgeons PC, Randy Leff, DPM, and Kevin Sorensen, DPM, offer comprehensive diabetic foot care to their patients in Southfield, Michigan, allowing them to stay one step ahead of their foot health. To get started on your diabetic foot care, call or use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

How does diabetes affect my feet?

No matter what type of diabetes you have, the end result is that your body is unable to properly regulate glucose levels in your blood. This leads to serious vascular issues (less blood flow), as well as neuropathy (nerve damage), in your lower extremities.

Because of the nerve damage caused by peripheral neuropathy, you may injure your feet and not know it. Any wound or ulcer that does develop is slow to heal because of the lack of blood flow, leaving ample time for infection to set in and take hold.

In extreme cases, infections that kill your tissue and threaten to spread may lead to lower extremity amputation. In fact, approximately 15% of diabetics develop foot ulcers — 14-24% of those patients will require amputation.

But don’t let these statistics scare you unnecessarily — use them as motivation, instead. The fact is that these numbers are half of what they used to be thanks to increasing awareness of the importance of diabetic foot care and more people are seeking professional help, like the care offered at Michfoot Surgeons PC.

What is involved in diabetic foot care?

Drs. Sorensen and Leff partner with their diabetic patients to stay one step ahead of their diabetes through vigilant monitoring and regular checkups. The doctors know what to be on the lookout for, and they’re able to intervene quickly at the first signs of a problem.

With diabetes, even an ingrown toenail can become problematic, and the team at Michfoot Surgeons PC understands this, which is why they offer services designed to quickly mitigate any issue that affects your feet.

What can I do to provide diabetic foot care?

The care you provide at home is as important as the care you receive at Michfoot Surgeons PC, PC. If you do your part by adhering to the following list, your podiatrist will have a little less work on his end:

  • Inspect your feet daily
  • Wash and dry your feet daily
  • Trim your nails carefully and straight across
  • Wear comfortable shoes with plenty of room
  • Wear dry, clean socks
  • Never go barefoot

Between your at-home care and the diabetic foot care you receive at Michfoot Surgeons PC, you can help ward off the serious foot complications that come with diabetes.

For expert diabetic foot care, please call Michfoot Surgeons PC, or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.