Wound Care

Though all foot wounds can lead to serious infection because blood flow is limited in your feet, concerns are particularly greater if you have diabetes. Since diabetes can lead to a wide variety of serious foot conditions, Randy Leff, DPM, and Kevin Sorensen, DPM, of Michfoot Surgeons PC provide comprehensive diabetic foot care and wound care treatments. Book your wound care evaluation at this Southfield, Michigan-based podiatric practice by clicking on the online booking feature. You can also call the office to speak with a team member.

Wound Care Q & A

Why do I have diabetic wounds?

Your feet and toes are the parts farthest from your heart. Plus, your circulatory system has to work against the force of gravity. These factors dramatically affect blood flow, making it difficult for even the tiniest wounds to heal.

When you have diabetes, you’re already prone to even more circulatory problems, which further makes it difficult for damaged tissues to get the nutrients they need to heal. This can lead to an infection rather quickly.

To make matters even worse, blood sugar spikes associated with diabetes can damage nerves (neuropathy). So when a wound does occur, you might not even be able to feel it. Because diabetics are prone to developing a wide variety of foot wound issues, it’s especially important to build a trusted relationship with a skilled podiatrist.

Do diabetic wounds cause symptoms?

Yes, and it’s important to understand the signs and symptoms of foot wounds and ulcers, since you probably won’t be able to feel the injury because of nerve damage. You might have a diabetic wound if you experience any of the following issues:

  • Drainage in your socks
  • Foot redness or swelling
  • Foul foot odor

With their expertise in diabetic wound care, Dr. Leff and Dr. Sorensen can care for your diabetic foot wound right in the office at Michfoot Surgeons PC, so you can start healing as quickly as possible.

How is a diabetic wound treated?

Foot wound care begins with treating your current injury at Michfoot Surgeons PC. Dr. Leff or Dr. Sorensen gently cleans your wound and if needed, remove any damaged skin (debridement). They may also wrap your wound and teach you how to properly care for your wound at home. If you have an underlying infection, you might need topical or oral antibiotics, too.

To help your foot ulcer heal as quickly as possible, you may benefit from wearing custom-fitted orthotic inserts to help take pressure off the affected area. This process, known as off-loading, relieves pressure, which is especially important if you do feel pain or discomfort from your foot wound.

Once your wound care plan is complete, Dr. Leff or Dr. Sorensen counsel you on proper foot care. They spend time showing you how to trim your nails, clean and moisturize the delicate skin on your feet, and which shoes you should be wearing. By following your personalized diabetic wound care prevention plan, you can reduce your risk of future wounds and potential serious infections.

Book your wound care evaluation at Michfoot Surgeons PC today. Click on the online scheduler, or call the clinic directly.

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